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Table of Contents

I. Civil Liability B. Non-Profit Corporation
A. Negligence C. Professional Associations Act
B. Liability for Possessors of Land D. Public Official and Employee Ethics Law
C. Reasonable Man Standard E. Organizational By-Laws:  Issues
D. Firemen’s Rule VI. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or
Standard Operating Objectives (SOO)
E. Restatement 2nd Torts-§232,324,326&327 VII. Insurance Coverages and/or Statutory Protection
F. Rescuer Duty A. Liability Coverage
G. Waivers/Releases B. Proper Incorporation
H. Doctrine of Vicarious Liability-Respondeat Superior C. Workers’ Compensation
I. Litigation (Risk Management) D. Insurance is a Contract
II. Products Liability, Restatement Torts 2nd §402A E. Statutory Protection
  III. Claims Against Local Agencies VIII. Municipality and Fire Department Relationships
A. Fire/Ambulance A. Mutual Aid Agreements
B. Borrowed Persons B. Recognition of Governmental Agencies of Emergency Service Organizations
C. Exceptions to Local Government - Civil Immunities C. Ordinances
D. Fire Fighter Immunity IX. Vehicles
E. Volunteer/Public Service Negligence Standard A. Junior Operator’s License
F. Medical Good Samaritan B. Exemption from Fees
G. Non-Medical Good Samaritan C. Drivers of Emergency Vehicles
H. Protection for Terminated Firemen D. Driver’s License C/Commercial
I. Protection for Injured Firemen E. Driver’s License Exemptions
J. AIDS/Confidentiality and Information Act F. Visual and Audible Signals-Use
K. HAZMAT Immunity G. Definition “Emergency Vehicle”
L. Donated Food Immunity H. Visual Signals - Registration
M. Manager, Coach, Umpire Immunity I. Colored Lights
N. Officer, Director/Trustee Negligent Standard Non-Profit J. Approaching Emergency Vehicles
O. Waivers of Liability K. Pedestrians Duty of Care
P. Protection from Liability Abuses L. Pennsylvania Code
Q. Exceptions to Volunteer Liability Protection M. Proper Response Uniform
R. Limitation on Punitive Damages on Liability N. Accidents and Reports
S. Exceptions to Limitations on Liability O. Obedience to Authorized Personnel Directing Traffic
T. Non-Economic Loss P. Unauthorized Driving Over Fire House
U. Non-Profit Organization Definitions Q. Driving and Stopping Too Close to Fire Apparatus
IV. Miscellaneous Statutory Liability Exposure R. Fire Apparatus
A. Fire Police X. Arson and Miscellaneous Criminal Offenses
B. Junior Volunteer Firemen   A. Controlled Fire Training
C. Minors as Ambulance Attendants B. Arson and Related
D. Consent C. Arson Defenses
E. Reporting Suspected Child Abuse D. False Alarm Offense
V. Organizational Considerations XI. Pa. Code; Vehicle Code Regulations
A. Non-Governmental Corporations (Profit & Association)
XII. Fund Raising/Billing XIX. Loans to Volunteer Fire Companies, Ambulance and Rescue Squads
A. Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act XX. Replacement of Volunteer Fire Department with Paid Department
B. Local Options - Small Games of Chance XXI. Emergency Services Code (§7101, et seq.)
C. Special Liquor Licenses XXII. Municipal Statutes
D. Unfair Trade Practices Act A. Borough Code
E. Subordinate Units B. First Class Township Code
F. Federal and State Tax Exemptions C. Second Class Township Code
G. Billing D. Miscellaneous
XIII. State’s Firemen’s Training School Act, Title 24, §1680.1, et seq. XXIV. Contract Liability and Protection
XIV. Certification by Pennsylvania Fire Academy and National Fire Academy A. Contracts
XV. Federal Laws B. Anti-Bid Rigging Act
A. Emergency Planning and Right to Know Act C. Public Contracting
B. Comprehensive Environmental Response Act XXIV. Fire Police, Title 35 P.S. §1201-1203
C. (Ryan White) AIDS Emergency Act XXV. Arson and Arson Investigation
D. Emergency Response Procedures XXVI. Professions and Occupations (State Licensed) Title 63 P.S.
E. OSHA - Hepatitis B A. Podiatry Practice Act
F. Civil Rights Act of 1983 B. General Dental Law
XVI. State Laws C. Midwife Law
A. Hazardous Material Response Act D. Professional Nursing Law
B. Worker Right to Know Act E. Unauthorized Practices Act
C. Standards F. Qualification of Licensure
XVII. Radiological Protection Act, Title 35, §7110.101-7110.703 G. Optometric Practice and Licensure Act

Employment Law Issues

H. Osteopathic Medical Practices Act
A. Federal Laws I. Pharmacy Act, Title 63 P.S.
B. State Laws J. Wholesale Prescription Drug Distributors Licensing Act
C. Testing K. Medical Practices Act of 1985
D. Right to Privacy v. Employment Testing L. Peer Review Protection Act
E. Polygraph Examination (PA) M. Miscellaneous Professions
F. Psychological Testing XXVII. Emergency Medical Services Act
G. Fingerprinting A. Organization and Implementation
H. Credit History B. EMT/Paramedic Practice
I. Criminal History C. Ambulance Services and Licenser
J. Electronic Monitoring XXVIII. Renal Disease Health Act, Title 35 P.S.
K. HIV XXIX. The Pennsylvania Blood Bank Act. Title 35 P.S.
L. Employees Right to Review Personal File XXX. Hearing Aid Sales and Registration Law, Title 35 P.S.
XXXI. Public Safety Emergency Telephone Act, Title 35 P.S.